Spiderman Cupcakes

If your little guy is a Spidey fan, why not celebrate his birthday with fun to make, easy to eat, and simple to serve Spiderman birthday cakes? Even if you're not a pastry chef or icing artist, you can still pull off fantastic Spiderman cupcakes with these simple decorating tips:

Edible Toppings: For simple Spiderman themed cupcakes, frost with bright blue and red icing and then top with a pressed sugar spider, web, or Spiderman decoration.

Non-Edible Toppings: Frost cupcakes with red and blue icing, then top your tasty creation with Spiderman rings, action figures, or character cut-outs.

Icing Designs: Spin a web using squeezable icing tubes and gels, and then top with a plastic spider. Or try your hand at more elaborate designs by cutting shapes from fondant.

Spiderman Cupcake Cakes: Tightly pack the cupcakes on a serving tray, and then frost the tops together just as you would ice a cake. Use squeezable icing to draw on Spiderman's face, or decorate it like a giant web. To serve, just pull a cupcake from the grouping, and the icing will come with it.

Arrangement: Even plain, iced cupcakes will look special when they're artfully arranged. Use your imagination to design a cupcake display that will capture the essence of Spiderman, such as decorating a cupcake stand with Spiderman cut-outs, action figures, or silly string webs.

Regardless of the design you choose, Spiderman themed cupcake liners or vibrantly colored red and blue foil liners will add a special touch. Remember, cupcakes don't have to look perfect to bring a smile to the faces of your superhero guests. Enjoy sharing these tasty treats with the Spiderman fan in your life!

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