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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Perfect for weddings, formal events, and holidays, red velvet cake continues to be a favorite of many. If you want to be able to enjoy this decadent dessert, but you want to bake something a little more unique, consider red velvet cupcakes. You and your guests will still be able to enjoy the decadence in taste and color, but in the form of handheld, adorable cupcakes.

Making the cake is not hard at all. You will need one muffin pan that has twenty-four slots or two twelve slot pans. You will also need cupcake liners, and the correct mixing bowls and spoons. For the cake itself, you can either use a mix or follow a recipe to create red velvet cake from scratch. Either way, you will need to mix up the batter following the appropriate directions. Once you have the batter prepared, you will need to spoon it into the pan slots. Keep in mind that you only need to fill each slot just above halfway. This way, the cake will rise to the top of the pan.

For baking, consult the directions of the mix. Usually, bake time will be slightly less than for a regular sized cake. You can expect to need to bake the cupcakes for fifteen to twenty minutes. Generally, the oven will need to be set at either 350 degrees or 375 degrees.

Once you have baked the cupcakes, you will be ready to frost them. The best frosting to go with red velvet cake is cream cheese icing. Again, you can either purchase pre-prepared frosting or you can mix it up from scratch.

If you would like to bake these cupcakes with a bit of a chocolaty variation, you can place a chocolate kiss in the center of the batter. As the cupcake bakes, the chocolate will melt and create a decadent, molten center. Other variations can include decorations for the cakes, like chocolate shavings sprinkled over the icing.

Red velvet cake is a rich, chocolate flavor cake that includes a bright red color. Combined with cream cheese frosting, it creates a very rich, very decadent dessert. Many people choose this type of cake for formal events like weddings as well as holidays like Easter. Since cupcakes have become quite popular for events because they are fun and easy to handle, you can combine the idea of the cupcake with the decadence of the red velvet for the perfect mix.

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