Kids Birthday Cupcakes can be Delightful and Fun

Kids Birthday Cupcakes

When getting ready to plan a kids birthday party, you have a great deal of planning to do. When it comes to kids, you want to make sure that the party is fun and exciting. Otherwise, you could end up with a gaggle of bored children for two hours. When you are in the middle of all of your planning, make sure to not overlook the dessert! Many people are choosing cupcakes instead of a cake for the birthday event. Because these cupcakes are easier to handle and fun, they can be a great choice.

Do not think, though, that they have to be boring. There are many great things you can do when baking and decorating the kids birthday cupcakes to make them just as delightful. Here are a few ideas of how to make the very best cupcakes for your child's party.

Start with the batter itself. You could choose a standard yellow or chocolate cake if you intend to get really creative with the decorating. However, if you want to jazz up the cake itself, then consider adding rainbow sprinkles to the batter. As they bake, the cakes will look like they are filled with confetti. You can also fill the center of the cupcakes with cream cheese, jam, or other types of filling. However, since you are baking for children, you may want to limit the specialized flavors that you include.

Next, you will need to choose the frosting. Depending on what other decoration you choose to use, you can decorate with colored icing. The best frosting for cupcakes is a thick butter cream style icing. Avoid glazes since they could be too thin or could lose their shape.

Finally, you can choose the decorations. If your child's party is themed, then you may want to take that into consideration. There are many different premade edible sugar decorations in a number of shapes. For example, if you are throwing a sports themed party for your child, you could include basketball and baseball decorations.

If you choose to stay away from theme style ideas, you could use bright candies like gum drops, jelly beans, or cut up pieces of candy bar. The best thing to do is be creative. The more interesting and colorful you make them, the more exciting the cupcakes will be.

When you are planning your child's birthday party, consider cupcakes. They can be delightful and exciting. They are also easy to manage for small hands.

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