Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Hello Kitty Cupcakes - If there's a little girl in your life, chances are she's crazy about Hello Kitty.

For her next birthday, what could be more purrfect than hosting a Hello Kitty birthday party complete with themed decorations, birthday party favors, and even cupcakes? Here are a few fun and easy to make Hello Kitty themed cupcakes sure to delight the birthday girl:

  • Fondant Hello Kitty Themed Cupcakes: Hello Kitty's simplistic design is a cinch to recreate in fondant. To make, print a pattern, cut it out, and place atop rolled fondant; then, use the tip of a sharp knife to cut around the pattern. Or, try your hand at shaping fondant into 3-D Hello Kitty figures. Finish off the fondant cupcakes by piping on icing or melted chocolate whiskers, then add a butter cream or sprinkle bow.

  • Hello Kitty Themed Cupcakes with Non-Edible Decorations: Frost each cupcake with a sweeping swirl of pink, piped-on icing, then top with a Hello Kitty ring, pendant, or figurine. Finish with a generous sweep of vibrantly colored sprinkles.

  • Edible Hello Kitty Themed Cupcake Decorations: Add another layer of sweetness to your tasty Hello Kitty themed cupcakes with pressed sugar figurines or Hello Kitty lollipops.

  • Hello Kitty Themed Cupcake Cake: Arrange the cupcakes into the shape of Hello Kitty's face, scooting cupcakes together as close as possible. Then, frost the cupcakes together just as if you were icing a sheet cake. Decorate with black licorice whiskers and eyes, and add a rolled fondant, fruit leather, or fabric bow.

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For a cohesive theme, bake your Hello Kitty cupcakes using printed or pink foil cupcake papers, and serve your cupcake masterpieces on Hello Kitty party plates. Have fun treating your special little girl to this purrfect birthday celebration.

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