How to Make Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Are you planning for Easter and you want to do something cute and fun for dessert? Do you want to combine the taste of a well baked cake along with the whimsy of a fun decoration? An excellent option is the Easter bunny cupcake. These easy to create cupcakes are cute and fun, perfect for any Easter event, whether it is a family gathering or a children's party. If you want to make the cute desserts, then you only need to follow a few simple directions.

First, you will need the cupcake itself. This does not have to be anything fancy. You can make them homemade or use a cake mix, either way will work well, and your guests will be sure to love them. Some excellent flavor choices include lemon, butter or vanilla. Standard yellow or white cakes work well too. Just choose your favorite springtime cake mix and then follow the directions to bake cupcakes. If you want, you can use cupcake liners that are Easter themed or pastel in color.

To create the Easter bunnies, you will need the following things: white and chocolate frosting with a piping bag and a decorator's tips. You will also need chewing gum sticks in assorted colors. Finally, you will need red or pink heart candies. Start the design by piping on the white frosting with a decorator's tip, pressing and releasing quickly to create a start shaped design. Once the cupcake is covered, it will resemble fur.

Take the chewing gum sticks and cut into curved ears. You can use lighter colors to create the smaller inside of the ear and the darker colors of the large outside of the ear. The stiff gum will easily stand up when pressed into the cupcake. A heart shaped candy turned upside down makes a cute bunny nose. Then, use the chocolate icing to pipe eyes, whiskers and a mouth.

Alternatively, you can use sugar confetti sprinkles to create the eyes of the bunny, and you can cut marshmallows to create the ears. Feel free to be creative with the items you use to create the bunny shapes. You do not have to be limited, but if the cupcakes are for children, make sure to use only edible items.

When you want to add fun and whimsy to your Easter celebrations, make sure to be creative with your desserts. Easter bunny cupcakes can be just the thing. They are cute, they are fun, and they are tasty.

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