Cupcake Stands and Trees - a Great Way to Display

Cupcake Stands and Trees

You have decided to include cupcakes at your party or event. You have made a great decision! Many people are choosing these little handheld cakes because they are much more manageable than a slice of cake, which is excellent for guests. There is no reason to make a guest juggle a plate, a slice, a fork and a napkin. Instead, you can provide them with a beautifully decorated individual cupcake that is easy to handle and easy to enjoy.

Now that you have chosen to offer cupcakes, you will need to decide how to display them. You could just set them out on a table, but that is not most feasible. It will take up too much room, could lead to a mess as people have to reach over them, and it simply will not look very appealing. Instead, you can make use of a cupcake stand or a tree. These displays can be purchased or handmade. Either way, they provide a simple and quick way to make your cupcakes look awesome at your event or party.

Handmade Cupcake Stands
If you would like to make your own stand, you can do so quite easily. All you need is something strong for the center. A cylinder like an empty salt container works nicely, but anything cylindrical and sturdy will work nicely. Then, you will need sturdy cardboard, cut into four circles, slowly getting smaller in size. You can then start with the largest circle, hot glue the cylinder in the center, glue the next smaller circle on the top, and then repeat the process.

That will give you four shelves upon which to place the cupcakes. With some simple decorations glued around the edges, you can make the stand look fun or colorful. Just keep in mind that, as with any cupcake stand, the display could be a little unwieldy and you will need to move it carefully.

An Easy Alternative

If you prefer an alternative that is easy and premade, you can make use of a wedding cake stand. This option will already include the graduated shelves. All you will need to do is add the cupcakes.

The Cupcake Tree
If you want to do something especially original, you can make a tree. Start with a cone shaped piece of foam from a floral department. Then, use small wooden stakes or dowel rods to attach the cakes to the cone. If you use green and brown decorated cakes, you will have a fun tree.

No matter which you choose, a pretty and useful method of displaying your cupcakes will definitely add to the whole look of your party or event.

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