Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes: Fun and Fancy Free!- Whether it is springtime and you want to plan a get together, or you are working on the plans for your little girl's birthday, you may want to consider butterfly cupcakes.

These designs can be delicate and bright, perfect for spring or summer. No matter what, keep in mind that you will have plenty of options, and no matter which you decide, your cupcakes will be fun, original, and pretty.

To start with, you will need to choose the right cake for a base. Generally, for light spring cakes, you will want to stick with something simple. Yellow or white cake mixes work well, whether you use a store bought mix or make the cupcakes from scratch. To keep with the butterfly theme, you will not want to do anything decadent or especially rich for the batter, or it will seem too heavy.

Cupcake Designs

The true beauty behind these options comes in the design. There are plenty of choices, and you have room to be quite creative. However, below you will find some excellent options. Baking chocolate will harden as it cools. You can melt the chocolate and use a piping bag to create the design of wings on wax paper. Once the chocolate has cooled, you can place it on a frosted cupcake to look like fluttering wings. Create the body of the butterfly with purple or green icing.

You can also create a butterfly design with any number of chocolate and sugar candies. Choose candies in pastel colors to create the wings and then gel frosting to create the body.

Butterfly Cupcake Cakes

When you want to create a fun and unique display, you can use multiple cupcakes to create the overall image of the butterfly, giving the look of one cake. It all has to do with the icing. You will first want to ice four cupcakes in a dark color like black or purple to create the body of the butterfly. Use pipe cleaners on one of the cakes to create antenna.

Then, choose a color or two colors for the wings. Once you have iced all of the rest of the cupcakes, arrange them around the body to create the four wings of a butterfly. On some of the outer cakes, you may want to add chocolate candies to create spots.

For any spring party, these cupcakes can be an excellent option. Whether you choose butterfly cupcakes or a cupcake cake with a butterfly theme, you cannot go wrong.

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Butterfly Cupcakes

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